We are experiencing the launch of a technological revolution. There are already millions of web sites on the Internet and the world market has already exceeded one billion users by this century. The UK itself is rapidly growing and with the launch of digital television and WAP compatible phones, there will be access to over 40 million potential UK users.

On line e-commerce is currently standing at £20 billion and again is growing rapidly. The result of strong branding and vision, Ranksys Data Ltd. offers your company a way to refine and organize this massive, growing medium to the marketing advantage of your company as a select UK or International business.

By creating a comprehensive and collective resource, web browsers are provided with a one stop shopping and service index of top British companies. Thus by advertising your company with the help of Ranksys Data Ltd., your business will become part of this exclusive set and have the potential to reach millions of discerning customers.

At present the Internet has fantastic research potential, but the sheer volume of sites out there and the lack of refinement within the searches encumber it. For example if a customer types 'weddings' into the Yahoo search engine, they will be given the option of thousands of sites related to that word. However, these can be within any category and of any quality: - from articles and books, through to shops, religious sites, music, movies, and even Adult sites... and all this on a worldwide scale!

Thus the search process is rendered inefficient, inappropriate and slow. Ranksys Data Ltd. can and will assist in the promotion of your business, as a part of the Virtual British High Street, where leading manufactures, retailers and services are advertised on-line within specific categories, so simplifying the search process and thus guaranteeing the attention and loyalty of your customers.

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